Startup strategy to
Kick off right.

We offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, practical solutions, and real business insights in our startup consulting services. We help you to identify the most critical next steps, help them get executed and advice for greater return on investment. Check out what’s in our startup consulting services in Sweden.

Validate before
you build.

We ask the big questions starting from who is your customer, what problems you are trying to solve, how does your product solve the market problem and what are the key features that might give you a headstart.

We encourage you to start with a business model canvas which is a one-page strategy consulting for startups describing the high-level strategic details of your product vision.

Get out to test
your assumptions.

It is the potential buyers of your product to start with for lean market validation. As one of the trusted startup consulting firms, we know the struggles of startups. Hence we recommend after you pen down your assumption list, reach out to a sample of your potential audience to check if they resonate. A few well-phrased questions can yield interesting customer insights

Find the value

We help you craft a compelling value proposition being one of the most important steps in developing your product and business. We include this step in our small business consulting services. In essence, your value proposition should always:

+ explain the problem your product solves or the value it offers.
+ directly speak to your customer
+ pass the “so what” test answering why your customer should care for your product

Translate your value proposition
to the product roadmap.

A roadmap is a strategic-level blueprint for converting your value proposition into a product. Think about your roadmap and milestones, not just in terms of feature list but from customer value stand-point. A few minutes of research based on the data gathered on your target audiences’ persona help you prioritize features and fixes.

What we do and
what we offer.


Product discovery

Initial research to get to the crux of your product concept with an expert cross-functional team, considering the user and business needs using a framework.

Market validation

Collaboratively develop questionnaires to test and validate assumptions of your end users. Interesting insights should lay the foundation of your product vision.

Documentation and roadmap

Our experts jot down the feature list, project roadmap with detailed milestone and sprint planning. This brings everyone involved in the project to a consensus.

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