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Being an elite Android app development company, we engineer apps that solve users’ pain-points bringing delight in their day-to-day life.

Complete peace of mindWhy us for developing Android apps

Google Play Store being one of the largest app stores, gives enough idea about the millions of users for Android. No reason better than this justifies developing mobile apps for Android devices. We as an award-winning Android app development company in USA, Pakistan and India, understand this and have built the strongest Android development team within our premises. Be it for smartphone, wearables or TV, the end user experience that we deliver is unmatched. We sit with our stakeholders to understand their business goals and achieve them with the best tech stack and expertise, by differentiating us on “how we do it”.

Fast, secure & reliableOur Android app development process



From understanding your concept to doing the market analysis to requirement gathering, we dig through everything in our kickoff meeting. We as a top mobile app developers team, would identify your industry competition in the Play Store and craft the UI prototyping to proceed further in the funnel.


Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis that serves as the foundation for the project. Starting from identifying your USP, wireframing, technical feasibility analysis to distinguishing your revenue model, we plan the basic mobile strategy right to ensure visuals come out right.


From sketching low fidelity wireframes to visualizing high-fidelity manifestations, we apply human-centered design based on the UI/UX designs to design your Android app that delights users and hooks them. We call it habit-forming technology and that’s what differentiates us.


For us, development starts as your idea matures in the conceptual stages. Our team of certified Android developers start coding based on the functionalities, assumptions and final screen designs. We follow Agile methodology for a delightful and stunning Android app experience.

Testing, QA & Launch

To confirm there are no bugs or gaps, all code goes through a final smoke test prior to launch. Doing this early in the development cycle makes the app less complex considering the issue that might come in usability, security, compatibility, and performance for every sprint/milestone.


Post-launch, our work is not over. We are in constant touch to understand the app’s performance, feedbacks, and if updates are required. Cleaning, upgrading and making sure it engages the user for longer comes under our maintenance audit along with Routine traffic and server load optimization.

We followBest Practices


Setting up Fix coding style guide

There is no right or wrong coding style. We setup the best coding style before starting with our project. And the entire team follows these guidelines. These guidelines help us make our code more uniform and easier to read.

Deciding on our app architecture

A good architecture makes our app more testable, easier to understand and reduce its maintenance cost. We either follow the traditional MVC architecture or the fancier architectures like MVVM or VIPER.

Efficient Dependency Management

We mainly use one of the three ways to manage dependencies in our project: CocoaPods, Github Submodules, Carthage. It makes app development with swift smooth.

Setting Up Proper Schemes For App

Schemes tell Xcode what should happen when we hit the Run, Test, Profile, Analyze or Archive action. Actually, they map each of these actions to a specific target to build configuration - and we take pride in it as the top iphone application development company.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Setting up a continuous integration and delivery process has become critical nowadays as it helps us to squash out bugs quite early in our iOS app development cycle which saves a lot of developer’s time.

Certificates & Provisioning Profiles

This is one of the most painful and important steps required for testing and distributing an iOS app. Certificates are required for code signing to run an app on an actual device. This makes the outcome more favorable.

App Store Review Guidelines

We are always updated. So whatever be the new App Store guidelines, we abide by it. This helps in submitting the app and get review faster and smoother. As a premium iOS mobile app development company, it's our responsibility to get your app accepted.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

User experience can make or break your app. And when you develop an app for iOS, UX has to be top notch. Hence we never miss to follow Apple’s human interface guidelines to ensure the app developed is at par with experience.

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