Helped building to be the most advanced and intuitive cryptocurrency exchange in Europe

OverviewA marketplace offering the best conditions
to trade cryptocurrencies

Bitmarket is a shining star among the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges based at Europe and becoming a cynosure at the world stage by leveraging its modern-day trading features. It is the top-notch exchange with the advanced features like spot trading, marginal trading with the help of best-in-class trading engine capable of executing millions of trade orders within a fraction of a second. Bitmarket also has the multilingual support which gives the authority to target different users at the niche market. With the lowest possible services fees, Bitmarket opens a new opportunity for the normal users to join in the midst of the biggest liquidity pool where they can execute the trader orders in a fair and secure environment.

Why trade on BitMarket

BitMarket offers comfortable and streamlined interface for the betterment of trading

Onchain based exchange

A user deposits either fiat or cryptocurrency into their account and their balance on the exchange is credited. Then he utilizes the exchange’s order book and liquidity pool to buy the desired assets and sell the ones they don’t. However, users have no control of their private key and hence, no control of their funds.

Order matching engine with advanced trading algorithm

A piece of software which keeps a record of all open orders in a market and generates new trades accordingly when the two orders can be fulfilled by each other.

Automated market maker to get the best prices

Automated market makers brought a change to the landscape of trading. The efficiencies and benefits are manifold including new trading models, very low price slippage between the execution of trades, order books for a fraction of the cost, latency on trade calls measured in milliseconds etc.

Leverage the advantages of marginal trading

BitMarket’s marginal trading allows the trader a temporary loan which can be used to buy or short-sell a certain cryptocurrency. It allows a user to buy or short-sell more than he/she otherwise would.

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