Growing a social community of committed bankers

A digital banking platform to inspireGrowing a social community
of committed bankers

Forging a customer-centric path in the mobile banking landscape, our digital experience complements the aesthetic detail and nature of exploration of our subject: the social banking service. With inspiring design, new customers enter and engage in the game of banking. Apart from offering core banking services, a customer can go through feeds, know more about a venue, search for ATM and branch locations, find the best deals for the resturants nearby and check-in.

We were brought in to refine the architecture of Citi bank and build a new and insightful interface. Together, we established a strategy to realize the experience of social mobile banking of better engaging and serving users, creating a flexible and consistent design system across.

Robust front-end development

The innovative and feature-rich front-end developed by our development team helped Citi bank reach a wider audience and drive maximum returns on investment.


25 %

increase in user registration within a span of 2 months from launch

35 %

increase in average time spent in exploring feeds

43 %

increase in number of transactions with greater percentage of new users

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