Fill In Rx

A pharmacy staffing solution

Fill In Rx

Over the past five years, pharmacy stores in the US have seen YoY growth of 2.6%. This has led to an escalated demand for pharmacists. Employment agencies have not been successful in meeting these demands. When it comes to finding quick shift coverage, it takes them days and sometimes weeks. Also, they overcharge the pharmacy owners and underpay pharmacist for their work.

Fill-in-Rx, wanted to build a marketplace that connects pharmacies and pharmacists. I wanted to fill the gap between pharmacies who are looking for shift coverage and pharmacist who are looking for job opportunities. It also helps Pharmacists to pick up additional shifts in their free time.

Agile way to deliver the product

The primary goal of Fill-In-Rx was to create a simple tool that would help pharmacies find staff on-demand as well as for the near future needs. We had to make sure that user experience is designed in a way that Pharmacy owners can easily approach multiple candidates and choose the best suitable one without having a call or in person meeting. Thus involving users and getting their feedback was very important. We followed agile development method to build the platform with monthly sprint approach so that clients can get feedback from real pharmacy owners and pharmacists on what is built. The development process in agile started with the most basic set of deliverables, followed by planning, implementing and testing the next set of features in subsequent iterations thus increasing the agility of the development team.

App connecting pharmacies and pharmacists looking for coverage.

We developed a native iOS and native Android application which enabled the pharmacy managers/owners to hire the right pharmacist and enabled pharmacist to take-up posted shifts. Backend was built on highly scalable NodeJS server to deliver best in class performance to the app.

The application streamlined the process for pharmacy owners/managers looking for the right pharmacist to cover the shift with a few taps on their mobile phones.

Intelligent Matchmaking Algorithm

The efficiency or success of any staffing platform is directly affected by how precisely it matches job seekers and providers. Considering this, Simform designed an intelligent matchmaking algorithm which matches people according to their skills, experiences and availability. To make sure that server processes these matchmaking requests efficiently and effectively, we utilized Node server which is single threaded server which in background uses multiple threads to execute asynchronous code. Whenever a pharmacist create a profile, it is evaluated based on the provided details and given a score. Same process is incorporated for the job posting done by the pharmacist. Based on these scores, pharmacists are matched with the relevant job posting, saving time and accelerating the hiring process.

Crowd testing approach for the final quality check

With the help of Applause - crowd testing platform, we achieved superior quality and user experience before going live. The focus on the testing the app in real world with real users and devices, helped developers gain valuable insights to do tweaks in the application. It further helped in improving the functionality, usability, compatibility and performance of the application.

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