Unified Infotech transformed Happy DNA’s idea into a full blown and seamless digital product, which has now impacted 25k+ parents and children

Overviewits most important to provide best care
to your child’s development needs.

Whether your child is a newborn baby, infant, toddler, kid or teenager, its most important to provide best care to your child’s development needs. Being a parent can be one of the biggest challenge in life. Many a times as parent, you face multiple questions related to your child’s development. We partnered with HappyDNA to build a complete personal guide for your kid’s upbringing and preventive care which includes self-help assessments to understand your parenting style and child’s psychological issues (whether exam stress, depression, anxiety).

HappyDNA workshop initiatives

Pre-schools based preventive curriculum in order to bring complete care for your child. The workshop sessions are conducted by renowned industry experts on parent enlightenment, child development, child nutrition and so on and so forth.

The way it works

Parents take up assessments, developed by experienced child psychologists to understand your parenting style, track changes in social, emotional well-being time-to-time, discuss problem in most personalized and private way through chat and consult a specialist to get personalized guidance.

"We thought to bring preventive care awareness and to identify health issues among kids as young as one anad a half to two years of age. So, that’s how HappyDNA was born. The idea to create the curriculum by a core medical team expert was to provide a holistic coverage to a child’s health perspective. So, with our structured curriculum, we interact with the child and the school and we identify the problems faced by the child and accordingly educate the caregiver."


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