Largo Films Ltd.

Creating an Artificial Intelligence powered award winning streaming app featuring world’s best short films

OverviewCreating an Artificial Intelligence powered
award winning streaming app

Short film - an innovative way of storytelling as a story needs to be told, make an impact within a stipulated stint of a few minutes. The internet has provided the platform for quality and diversity of fresh and independent voices, yet it’s not easy for emerging filmmakers to reach a wider audience, making them a part of a short film revolution.

We partnered with Largo Films to provide a fresh launchpad for a new generation of filmmakers to share their stories on a bigger avenue. Thoughtful curation, AI-enabled recommendations and a great user experience put Sofy tv ahead of its competition.

Planned to perfection

Our UX professionals delivered the best user experience within the time and budget available, keeping user’s need at the core. We quickly generated ideas, collected feedback, explored interaction ideas before moving into visual design and development.

Custom-made Adaptive Bit-rate Video Player

It works by detecting CPU capacity and user's bandwidth in real time and accordingly adjusting the quality of the media stream.

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