An ecommerce shopping venture for millennials that caused much disruption in the market, making apparel shopping fun and trendy.

OverviewA personalized shopping experience
to keep up with fashion

London Rag aimed to completely revamp leisure shopping experience for men and women alike who love to be in style. Mark, London Rag founder, with the agenda to bring a change in the prevailing online shopping markets, approached us to design and develop his idea. He wanted to make apparel shopping personalized, easy to search and buy. Right from choosing the correct features to designing an intuitive UI for London Rag, we did all.

We designed unanimously for both web and mobile platforms for London Rag keeping the standards appropriate and brand story right.

With 37% of Joyscape’s site traffic coming from mobile, we established a responsive site framework focused on research-proven navigation and mobile-first design approach. The new experience is fresh and engaging which elevates the brand’s digital presence, and guides users to revamped activity detail pages.

Designed the intricacies of ‘shopping cart’

Keeping it minimal and chic, we made the call to action prominent that promotes buying behavior, along with keeping the details correct.

Keeping users hooked with CTAs and offers

Not just fancy designs, but we focus on making conversions happen. Hence we focused on highlighting attractive offers and important CTAs.



Increase in unique page views


Increase in average time on page


Increase in avg orders in a month

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