OpenReel’s patented video platform allows you to capture and direct video remotely saving over 80% on production cost, time and resources. Shoot HD video without ever stepping in the location.

OverviewEvolving stories
brought to life!

OpenReel started with a vision of changing the video world by creating the ability to capture footage remotely. That journey geared towards developing an innovative video and marketing platform that’s utilized from small business to global enterprise.

We teamed up to deliver an intuitive and updated platform that speaks to a broader audience enabling them to capture up to 4K video anywhere be it on the phone, iPad or computer right from the desk.

OverviewSeamless User Experience

Ensuring a quality cross channel customer journey, the entire system flow depicts a great user experience, with not only OpenReel’s use in mind but also the entire process of acquiring, owning, and even troubleshooting it. We identified roadblocks, triggers and next steps to deliver a meaningful experience.

Intelligent Strategy and Planning

The OpenReel platform encompasses different modules consisting of remote director control guiding a user to record a video through his device, chrome plugin, and a mobile app to shoot users’ own video, campaign creation and analytics.

Hence following a design thinking approach was inevitable to understand how the system works at a holistic level by doing user persona, task-flow analysis, and high fidelity wireframes.

Patented remote shooting

A platform offering various modes of video recording that caters to the client need. There is the option for direct and remote recording making the entire experience user-friendly, seamless and convenient. A leap towards next-generation video shooting, making, and promotion.

Online video editing

Whether you’re doing a marketing campaign, creating engaging company updates, selling products and services or creating a client video testimonial, OpenReel puts you in the director’s chair. The application comes fully loaded with several customization options making sure your video is unique and engaging.

Campaign Management

You can create business campaigns using videos as a promotional event. The platform facilitates the entire process end to end with optimum assistance and guidance

Social media marketing

This allows you to post videos on various social media platforms with it. The platform provides calendar functionality as well with this feature that can be used for scheduled uploads across predefined timeslots.

Tracking and analytics

A complete business-centric analytics segment that allows gaining insight on important statistics such as region wise views, user view count, view time, call to action, engagement percentage and much more. A display that is graphical as well as numerical.

Smart browser extension

Get rid of any cumbersome and complicated software. OpenReel offers a lightweight Chrome extension that lives in your browser. This allows you to record smooth, HD screen and webcam videos. Also, annotate and edit them to add that professional touch.

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