Redbull Photobooth

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Redbull Photobooth

Red Bull sponsors more than 1500 events each year. With an average of 10,000 visitors per event, these events hold a great marketing opportunity for Redbull. To provide engaging brand experience, Redbull used Photobooths for event goers to record memories. They were using different vendors across cities making it bit difficult for them to manage transportation, installation, and troubleshooting.

Redbull wanted a custom scalable solution that can easily accommodate their event engagement needs, extend this engagement to digital channels like social, and save money in the long run.

Simform set out to build customizable
photo booth technology

When you are building a solution for one of the fortune 100 companies, you are carrying it’s reputation along with you and in the solution that you are building. There is no room for compromising the quality.

You have to design the app architecture in such a way, that it can easily handle the visitors’ traffic during an ongoing event and ensures pleasant user experience.


After months of collaboration, we created a ‘Photo-booth’ experience that Redbull Wings Team members can easily set up, configure on desktop and then execute on-site with iPads.

The flexible setup allows Red Bull to create unique, cost-effective and shareable content for multiple events across the globe with relative ease.

While we continue to work with the Red Bull team to add new features and make improvements to the platform, our photo booth solution is now a staple at each Red Bull event. So far, it has traveled to more than 1000 events, taken more than 200,000 photos and produced thousands of shares across multiple social channels.

Creating engaging brand experiences
that extend to digital

Red bull smartly uses photo booths at strategic locations at events they host to engage hundreds of thousands of event goers a year. We set out to create a fun Kiosk based solution using iPad that extended these physical experience to digital marketing channels.
The kiosk iPad app offered various beautifully custom-made filters which arrange the clicked photos in 2*2 collage grid along with the event logo and colorful frame. With easy to use interface and fun filters, visitors preferred capturing group moment from the photo booth instead of using their device to click selfies. Captured photos can be later emailed to the visitors and lucky ones will get it featured on the Red Bull website or relevant social media accounts.

Kiosk mode for uninterrupted
white labeled system

As the app was to be used by the public, it was important that we prevent users to close or minimize the app knowingly or unknowingly. Once the app is installed, we enabled kiosk mode which can only be disabled by the system admin. We utilized Kiosk software by Scalefusion, an MDM solution provider. This enabled features like single app mode, lock/unlock the device remotely, auto download and install app updates flawlessly. It also offered geofencing techniques that can help in locating the device if goes missing.

Remotely controlled

Sending commands to remote photobooths in real-time

One of the limitations of contracting local vendors for photo-booth was the inability to update content and builds remotely in real-time. So, the first step in building the new photo-booth experience was to design an back-office system through which Redbull Team members can effortlessly design custom Photo templates and filters for ongoing as well as upcoming events.

We built admin system for managing all aspects of photo-booth like restarting the device, modifying event branding, browsing photos captured during the event and generating reports.

Rather than going with a traditional API based approach, we utilized to send commands to the iPad in real time to change the configuration of any iPad. It proved to be one of the most important features of the entire system as it helped them to deal with iPads during live events with almost zero latency

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