Co-created with this e-commerce startup to be the one stop solution for kids apparel & accessories, making shopping easy and time saving

OverviewA personalized shopping experience
to keep up with fashion

Toony Port has been in the garments industry for past four decades. They are a promising sourcing partner to many big apparel brands and retail chains through out India. They cater to moms and dads what it is like to have many things to do on the checklist but very little time to spare. We, along with ToonyPort stakeholders challenged ourselves to offer customers easy access to brands that they already know in regards to their kids apparel making shoping easy, time saving and fun.

Curated new and recommended collection

This section follows the homepage and showcases some of the best curated collections and new arrivals

Product details for you to make an informed decision

This features high visual appeal and detailed product description makes it easy for a customer to perceive information and take an action. A best-in-class mobile app design was critical in taking the ecommerce experience to new heights. We started with a mobile-first design approach ensuring to establish the design language to all device form factors. We incorporated modern mobile interactions that both engage and encourage.

Photobook to add and share moments of your kids

Conveniently add outfit moments with relevant ambiences and share so that others can visualize and make a choice for their kids.

Try and buy

This features an intuitive illustration explaining how to schedule your trial at home and make an informed decision to purchase.



Increase in CRM registrations


Increase in unique page views


Increase in average time on page


Improvement in organic search


Increase in avg orders in a month

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