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More than 50 million Americans have not undergone a vision screening or any eye test in the last 2 years. Out of them, 6.4 million people are found affected with vision impairment and they experience uncorrectable symptoms like trouble seeing, inability to focus, drive, double vision et al.

Visibly wanted to create a digital platform which could be an alternative to the traditional lab coat and lens approach for diagnosis. It’s mission was to revolutionize eye care industry by creating the first of its kind online eye exams. These set of exams would help customers get glasses prescription right from their computers or tablets, instead of seeing a doctor in person.

Rapid development and
quick iterations

Developing an alternative to replace something which is in place for years, requires ingenious engineering and proper research. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure 100% accuracy in an online vision screening test. When the founders of Visibly approached Simform, they wanted to check the feasibility with a quick prototype that can be used by beta testers.

Impressed with our product development track record, the Co-founders of Visibly worked with our dedicated team to develop their first version of the Visibly platform. We started public testing because of the flexibility to run multiple test cycles in a short period. This allowed us to collect the large samples that helped in checking the success rate of the vision screening test. We delivered the prototype with a 99.6% success rate which helped Visibly in raising the initial funds.

Vision Screening in few minutes

We built a responsive web-app that can complete eye test in ten to fifteen minutes with just a smartphone or desktop. The test can be completed with basic items and in a small room, which eradicates the need of visiting doctors anymore. After completing the online eye test, the user will receive the prescription for glasses if needed in less than 24 hours from a doctor in just $35, which is 75% less than the actual cost.
Doctors believes that clinic visit is needlessly burdensome. This need can be easily addressed by using telemedicine, especially in the case of vision screening test.
After all the set-up is complete, the application will run an assessment test by displaying various fonts on the desktop screen. User can enter all the input using smartphone. After all the input is captured, it will be shared via email with doctor and responses are then measured & determined on a 20/20 scale.
The main purpose of Visibly is to simplify the screening test, Hence it was kept fairly simple to conduct. After signing up, the user selects the purpose of the vision test i.e. whether it is for glasses, contact lenses or both. To make it more accurate, we added the number of heel-to steps that user would be required to take in order to stand 10 feet away from the screen.

Highly responsive
UI design

To ensure high precision of screening, our target was to build sterling UI. We had to create a dynamic design that was highly precise and adaptable based on parameters such as screen size, screen resolution, DPI and the type of web browser. Even the slightest error in the test would result in an incorrect prescription.

Crowd testing approach for
getting best product

To measure the accuracy of tests, we used Google analytics for user behaviour tracking, usability testing, and reporting in conjunction with crowd sourced eye testing offered by Applause. We received positive feedback from beta testers enrolled through Applause along with some critical suggestions which helped us improve the platform before we went live for the general public.

The results were statistically equivalent to the refractive exams done in the doctor’s office. This solution allowed them to march towards their next milestone & since then, Visibly has built their own development team.

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