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The live concert industry will experience significant growth during the next few years, aiming $31 billion by 2022 and 1 billion attendees in a single year. No matter how big the number is, one major problem persisted in engaging this massive amount of attendees in a network-strapped area. In 2014, Tomorrowland sat a new standard by introducing a ‘friend’-ing device festival bands, to help people stay in touch and engage with all their friends during the music festival.
However, WayPoint wanted to take the engagement technology to the new level. It wanted to build, an open platform to organize, manage and attend the music festival all the while engaging the users pre, post and during the same. It wanted to offer real time messaging with friends without any internet connectivity, ability to get directions to a friend or any POI using compass with distance to walk, and festival information at fingertips including schedule and artist info.

Optimizing existing code base for better scalability and performance

Client approached us with their product development needs and under progress code written by the previous development team. After proper assessment, we didn’t find the code healthy enough to proceed with further development as it did not follow any standard architecture patterns like MVC/MVVM, or support auto layout and storyboarding as per iOS coding standards.

We decided to optimize the code first to make it scalable before adding any new functionalities. Later we followed monthly sprint approach and agile development method to deliver the product in phases.

A Modern approach to live your events & engage users

In 3 months of development cycle, we created a clutter-free digital platform for organizer to create events and invite artists and attendees.

We built an iOS app using Swift and Android app using Kotlin. We leveraged native features like bluetooth, compass, GPS, etc; to provide a seamless experience to the users. We also developed scalable backend that can meet the varying demand throughout the year.

Waypoint mobile app fulfills the need of event organizer and event goers by offering features like:


No more losing a friend

Music festival locations are huge in size, sometimes way bigger than Central Park of New York.

Having digital map helps attendees in finding venues for parking, eateries, medical aid, washrooms etc. But how would you find a friend who is lost and you do not have internet connectivity?

Waypointers uses a ‘built-in compass’ in offline mode to track your friend. It can precisely point towards the target location along with distance in feet.

It also has the ability to locate any point of interest which is already pinned on the map by event organizer. To enable this feature, we utilized Distance Matrix API by Google Map to calculate the walking distance between 2 users’s coordinates.

Offline messaging for unbreakable fun

Verbal communication with friends is difficult due to loud music and crowd noise. Problem gets double fold if attendees are facing network issues if they rely on apps that requires internet for communication.

Considering this problem, our technical team decided to follow Bluetooth Mesh Networking approach for peer to peer communication. With the use of ‘Bridgefy’ SDK for offline messaging, we implemented chat feature to deliver messages via intermediary devices connected via Bluetooth. It allows user to send messages up to 600-700 m range without any internet connectivity.

There are millions of participants in a single event, and billions if we take account for all the music festivals happening throughout the year. The platform was designed keeping in mind the number of attendees so that it can easily handle thousands of concurrent requests at the same time. Leveraging auto scalable AWS EC2 instances, we eliminated manual intervention of increasing or decreasing server capacity.

Social Media Integration with Mobile deep linking to increase user engagement

Social media can be the most efficient channel to drive traffic to the app considering the young target audience. Waypointers allows users to create public or private events and invite their friends from different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well their local contact book. We implemented deep linking mechanism with Branch.io to redirect invited user to specific event screen whether they have app installed on their phone or they install it from app store for the first time.

Crowd testing approach for
getting best product

To measure the accuracy of tests, we used Google analytics for user behaviour tracking, usability testing, and reporting in conjunction with crowd sourced eye testing offered by Applause. We received positive feedback from beta testers enrolled through Applause along with some critical suggestions which helped us improve the platform before we went live for the general public.

The results were statistically equivalent to the refractive exams done in the doctor’s office. This solution allowed them to march towards their next milestone & since then, Visibly has built their own development team.

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