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We walk the extra mile to develop your web apps which are well planned, highly scalable and secure. Proud web application development company.

cloud-based computingSoftware On-Demand. How we do it?.

With the help of cloud-based computing, we build scalable web app solutions which are quick to deploy and easy to maintain. SaaS-based web app development leads to a win-win situation for both our customers, as well as the developers. Our custom web application development team works alongside a large group of people including managers, architects, and designers to make sure all the features come together as a smooth and seamless experience. Successfully delivering end-to-end web application development projects. So how we do it?

Back-end development‘Behind-the-scenes’ functionality of web applications

With 10+ years of experience, we specialize in developing back-end systems using microservices based architecture. We factor in the aspects of multi-tenancy, scalability, self-service/automation, third-party integration, reporting, and business metrics. By evaluating these factors, we aim to deliver flawless functional apps, top-class tech stack including the best programming language for web application development software.

Front-end developmentClean scripting and a delightful UX

Change is the only constant they say, and rightfully so our engineers constantly hone their skills on improving UI implementation ensuring impeccable product quality. Over 10 years of expertise in building great UX and exhibiting special effects through JavaScript, allows us to add wow factors which are beyond user expectation for every web app we develop.

TACKLING WEB APPLICATION VULNERABILITIESHow we secure your web application: No half measures

Typically vulnerabilities are the result of a lack of input/output sanitization enabling the use of potential attack vectors including:

SQL Injection

A code injection technique to manipulate the database to reveal any sensitive information

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Attacker injects scripts activating Trojans, targeting a user to access accounts or altering page content

Remote File Inclusion

An attack to remotely inject a file in the web application server executing malicious scripts

Cross-site Request Forgery

An attack resulting in an unsolicited transfer of funds, change of passwords or data theft

How we carry out scalable and resilient
web based application development.

HTTP load balancer

Exposes a single public IP address that customers use to access your application.


Zone is an isolated location in a region. They have high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections to other zones in a similar region.


We install and configure these instances just like physical servers.

Instance template

We fix the image, labels, machine type and other properties of instances in the template.


It helps in adding or removing Compute Engine instances to a managed instance group by interfacing with the group’s manager

Cloud storage

Allows objects (usually files) to be stored and retrieved with a simple and scalable interface.

Chances to winBest Practices we follow


Consistent Branding

Keeping the brand essence consistent is one of the fundamental requirements while creating a website. Whether it is for B2C and B2B website we keep the predominant icon, color and verbiage on every page intact. This also applies to images, iconography, typography, and videos. We tell every brand story keeping it’s actual ‘story’ alive.

Lightning Fast Loading Speed

We understand how crucial first impression if for you. When users don’t want to wait for more than 3 seconds, our team will ensure your web app loads within that. To make that a reality, we using CDN to load static contents (CSS, Js, and images), use Gzip to compress HTML, avoid non-passive events listeners and execute event listeners without time-out settings, and enable caching on database like Memcachced, Redis or cache the HTML using Varnish.

Search Engine Friendly Pages

Why make a website if it doesn’t show up on Google? To ensure your websites come up in the top results for your business keywords- it is important that your page is search engine friendly. Here, we make sure the page structure is at par with the Google SEO guidelines and can be enhanced upon to increase Google rankings. As a responsible web application development company, we ensure this happens with every project that comes.

Prominent Call to Action

To engage your users and take them to relevant information, we use effective and distinguishable Call to Action a.k.a. CTAs. Since we understand the fine line of difference between a subtle and provoking CTAs, we design and implement the CTAs that essentially engages users and converts them into being a new client.

Documenting the Code

It is one of the most crucial practices that we follow diligently - maintaining and documenting the code base. This not only helps our development team to understand it but it becomes easy to review and edit them in the future. For all the custom web app development projects, we keep the documentation right.

Maintaining a Coding Standard

To maintain a coding standard is one of the defining criteria of a development team. It makes sure the code is manageable by every programmer working on it - which in turn never stops your development work. We deliver the custom web application development services where the codebase is standard, understandable and clean.

Meaningful Variable & Function Names

There has to be a naming standard for all the variables and function names - without which it gets difficult for other programmers and testing team to understand the code. So, we have trained our developers to use grammatically sensible, meaningful and correct names for every function and variable that they use. This sits in agreement with the coding standard that we maintain. The result? A clean output.

Say No to Use Functions inside Loops

If you take the burden of storing the value returned by the function in a separate variable before the loop, then you would be saving enough execution time as in the first case the function will be called and executed every time the loop runs which can increase the time complexity of the program for large loops.

Mobile Responsive Application

In a time when more than 4.68 Billion people are using smartphones, you simply cannot ignore the user base. Hence we ensure the web application we design and develop is mobile friendly- keeping the UX human-centered. The result? Your users are glued to your app even when they are outside, without their laptops.

Maintaining a Security Standard

Enterprise or SMBs, none can improve the website’s UX ignoring the privacy and security issues. The web application must have the latest encryption mechanism to keep the corporate as well as user data secured. Hence, by eliminating the security vulnerabilities, safeguarding it from security attacks and keeping the data safe, we design and deploy every application without fail.

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